My roommate was walking both of my puppies on Alsacia / Ritva Place area and a careless male on a bike ran her over. My roomate attempted to stop this careless individual and failed to catch him. As he returned to the care of my puppy he noticed her back foot was injured. He immediately contacted us and upon my arrival to my house I noticed her irregular breathing, her injury on her eye and her broken foot. I rushed her to the hospital and after a few thousand dollars spent they advised me of her situation. To my surprise they said she has 9 broken ribs, a broken foot and potential head trauma due to the fact that one of her eyes was blood shot. So, many would say 15K for a puppy to survive is too much. However, Sophie is our baby. She is a part of this family and after seeing her fight as she layed in the cage at the Vet Hospital we choose to fight with her. We appreciate your time and consideration and from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate your donation. God Bless!

Source: gofundme

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