Eleven Chihuahuas arrive in Battersea in just one week


Staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home were stunned after taking in eleven Chihuahuas in just one week.


The Chihuahua is one of the UK's most popular dog breeds and the rescue centre normally has just one looking for a new home.


But the arrival of eleven in such a short period is unprecedented with the pint-sized dogs ranging from an 12-week-old puppy to an eleven-year-old stray.

Becky Fisher from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home said:

We'd normally expect to see one or two Chihuahuas come through our doors in a week, so to have eleven arrive is quite exceptional.

We're certainly all being kept on our toes by our little Chihuahua crowd.


Despite arriving a short time ago each of the eleven Chihuahuas has homes lined up.

But the charity has called on anyone who wants to adopt a Chihuahua or another rescue dog should get in touch - but have warned potential owners about the little breed's traits.


Chihuahuas may be little, but they have big personalities. They're generally full of energy and need to be exercised and mentally stimulated.

As with any other breed, it's also important to ensure they're socialised properly with other dogs.

Anyone looking to take on a Chihuahua needs to put a lot of thought into it, as they're just as big a commitment as any other dog.

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